About Me

This blog is mainly just an outlet for getting out my thoughts and feelings on whatever I’m currently thinking about.  Spring of 2009 I began to fall away from Christianity.  It wasn’t out of rebellion, but rather because I really felt like I was faking it all the time.  Take away the fake and I realized that I wasn’t sure Christianity ever really seemed real.  On top of that, Christians just seemed to bother me more and more.

I want Christianity to be real, I really do.  But at this point, I don’t know how to figure it out or what to do.  I’ve heard the ol’ “You just need to read the Bible and pray!” one too many times.  That is not the solution.  It may help, but there’s no magic formula like people make it out to be (bible + pray + “accept Jesus into your heart” = Christian).

So, I decided to be done being fake, and to be as real as I can be.  So, that’s what this is.  It’s real me, my real thoughts.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am glad you are done being a fake! If you are going to walk with Jesus, then do so as the real you. I went on a similar journey a few years ago. I am much better off now that I have left the rules and moved to actually knowing and walking with Jesus Christ.

  2. Reading through your blog, we seem to have some of the same struggles and attitudes about what is generally passed off as Christianity. I see you have just started seminary, and so I have to ask whether your about page is due for an update. You have probably answered this in your past posts, but am I curious how you went from falling away to starting seminary.

  3. […] About Me on Helps to Write. Josh’s latest post announcing New Sight Design is what pulled me in, given my own desire to change the look of my own blog. Once there I remembered why I followed his blog in the first place: his struggles with Christianity. His about page says he has fallen away, but I see he just started seminary. So I had to ask Josh if it was time to update his about page. […]

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