Book Update – June 2014

I have completed three books in the last couple of months.  I typically try to write a review of the books I read, but I will not be doing that with these last few books.  I will try to give a brief sentence or two of feedback for each though:

On The Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria – Short but solid writing by a very early church father (written in the 4th century).  Well-written and very thoughtful.  This book has an introduction written by C. S. Lewis that is awesome and insightful on the topic of reading old writings.  Though I haven’t read much on the incarnation, this book would be at the top of my list for this topic.

The Freedom of a Christian by Martin Luther – One of the best books I have read in a while.  The author of this particular book included a brief history on Luther to better frame the purpose and time for Luther’s writing which is excellent.  It also includes the letter from Luther to Pope Leo X that accompanied his writing which also greatly adds to the context.  As for the topic of justification by faith alone, this is the best book I have read.

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis – Very interesting and thought-provoking allegory on heaven and hell.  I greatly enjoyed the first part of the book where he describes his thoughts on heaven and hell.  Much of the rest of the book is processing his thoughts though dialogue between those in heaven and those in hell, which is deep and requires a good amount of mental processing.  Probably was even too intellectual for me at times, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it all the way through.


What is next:

The Didache (including a few other old writings) – This book is a compilation of numerous first century writings, some of which were almost included in the Bible.  I am excited to work my way through these and see what is in there.  I really do not know what to expect at all.

Five Festal Garments by Barry G. Webb – This will be the second book in the NSBT series I will have read.  This particular book consists of reflections on five often neglected books of the Old Testament: Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther.  This book came highly recommended by a friend when I grew quite fond of reading through Ecclesiastes.


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