Great Posts On The Theme Of The Ground

My friend Kory has recently written four posts on his blog about the theme of the ground, and how it relates to man.  I found them all very interesting, and very worth reading.  It is a very interesting topic that I haven’t read or thought much about.  Here are links to the four posts:

On the same topic, I was reading in the book “According To Plan” by Graeme Goldsworthy last night, and he said something that was really good along these same lines:

“The curse on the ground is in fact a curse on Adam.  The king of the earth has now no obedient servant in the soil.  The freedom to eat of all the trees in the garden is replaced by the struggle to get the earth to yield the necessary daily bread.  Weeds flourish where food-yielding plants grow with difficulty.  The end of man is to nourish the earth by returning to the dust from whence he came.”


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