If God Is Really Doing Something, Please Give The Details…

I fairly frequently hear people say things like “God is really moving right now…”, or post on Facebook that says something like, “Grateful for what God is doing right now.”  If those things are true, I think that’s great.  But, what good does it do for anyone else to hear these things but not be informed as to what God is actually doing?

There are some major benefits that are missed out on if details are not given.  Here are some ideas I have about that:

  • Imagine if the Bible only consisted of a short sentence that said something like, “God is good and he has done a lot of great things.”  It wouldn’t be helpful and the faith would probably be dead.  Instead, the Bible is full of the specifics about what God has done throughout history.  Without giving the details, you essentially hide what you believe to be good evidence for God and his goodness, and you do not allow other people to benefit or be encouraged from it.
  • Being sinners, we have the ability to be deceived or to misunderstand things.  By giving the specifics about what you think God is doing allows other people to hear and either confirm and further solidify God’s working, or to question the situation and perhaps shed a different light onto the situation if you are understanding it incorrectly.
  • By never giving details, you may be chipping away at your credibility.  If I were to hear someone say, “God is so good and he’s really teaching me a lot”, but they never tell me anything about what God is teaching them or why they think he’s good, I may begin to wonder if they are just saying that to sound more spiritual than they really are.

There are probably many other good reasons as well, so if you have any you’d like to share, please do!



2 thoughts on “If God Is Really Doing Something, Please Give The Details…

  1. I agree, we Christians should be a little more encouraging in the details of God’s work in our lives, not in the mystery of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Josh.

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