John The Baptist – Forerunner Also For Jesus’ Death

In the Mark commentary that I am reading through, I just read about the second of two instances where John the Baptist is mentioned in Mark 6:14-29.  The author pointed out something interesting that I had never observed prior.  We all know that John was a forerunner for Jesus’ ministry, as it clearly states that in Mark 1.  Interestingly though, he was also a forerunner for Jesus’ death, as there are some interesting parallels:

The parallels between the deaths of John and Jesus are especially clear.  Both John and Jesus are executed by political tyrants who fear them but vacillate and finally succumb to social pressure.  In John’s case, Antipas acquiesces to Herodias, and in Jesus’ case Pilate acquiesces to the mob.  Both John and Jesus die silently as victims of political intrigue and corruption, “as sheep silent before their shearers” (Isa 53:7).  And, most obviously, both die as righteous and innocent victims.  – Page 183



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