I Wouldn’t Have Killed Jesus…

But I did…

I was thinking about Jesus death this morning, and a common thought that I have when thinking about this is that there is no way I would have wanted to condemn Jesus or have him killed.  I wouldn’t have dared to drive nails into a man’s body.  I am appalled at what they did to him.  I find myself looking down upon everyone involved in his death in the Gospel accounts.

It’s very easy to dissociate ourselves from the root cause of Jesus’ death, and to remove ourselves from that horrific event and think about it in terms of a “perfect sacrifice”, or that “God gave his Son for the forgiveness of sins.”  These phrases are completely accurate, but if focused merely on thoughts like that, we can miss the fact that he suffered and endured things we can’t imagine with the scourging, the thorns, the carrying of a heavy cross in his battered and bleeding state, and the horrors of what it is like to slowly die on a Roman cross.

So perhaps I can truthfully say that I would not have committed the act of killing Jesus, just as I would not wish to kill any other man.  But the bottom line is that we all sentenced him to the cross.  We didn’t commit the act of killing, but it is indeed our sin that required his death.  Had he not been killed, the heavy weight of justice would be around our necks as it pulls us down into the ocean of death and eternal condemnation.

There is a great song about this, which most of you probably already know.  Check out the lyrics.


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