Reading A New Book: Raising A Modern-Day Knight

A good friend of mine gave me the book, “Raising A Modern-Day Knight” by Robert Lewis.  It has come at a good time, as fatherhood has been far more difficult task than I ever expected.  One of the main questions asked in the beginning of the book was, “what is a man?”  That is a good question that I cannot easily come up with an answer to.  I certainly have ideas, but if put on the spot with the question, I would not be able to answer the question with ease and confidence.

How does a boy learn what a man is?  How does he know when he’s become a man?  These are questions that this book claims to answer.  I think they author is right when he says that fathers these days are “coming up short” in regards to defining manhood to their sons, and defining the process for the son to achieve manhood.

After reading the first chapter, I am very much intrigued to continue on.  I think this book may prove to be a very valuable tool for me.


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