The Great Chasm Between This Life And Heaven

If asked the question, “what is the most important thing in your life?”, most Christians would reply: “God.”  But, if you never asked that question and had to determine what was most important to them based on how you observed their lives, would you come to the same conclusion?

It is extremely evident what is most important to some people.  For the golfer, they are very often out golfing, they talk about golf, they watch golf on TV, they may read about it in a golf magazine, they make special vacations/trips for golf, etc.  I’ve seen people like this.  However, I see very few people where I could write that same thing but with replacing “golf” with “God”.

And interestingly, the finish line for Christianity is heaven.  That is the ultimate goal or reward.  But what is it about heaven that makes it so great?  It is being in the presence of God and communing with him.  With that understanding, shouldn’t that also be what we most yearn for and strive for in this life?  If we are barely willing to give God 15 minutes every morning and an hour or two at church on Sunday, then why would we want to be in heaven?

So what it seems to me is that most people, including myself, if honest, could say something like, “I definitely want to be with God and give him my all..  but not right now.  I have eternity in heaven to be able to do that.”  In other words, God can wait while I do what I want until I die.  Clearly there is a great chasm between this life and heaven.  Sure, they are by nature very different, but that is no excuse to put God on the back burner.

Why is there such a disconnect between what Christians say they want (heaven), and the way they live life and barely give God much of their time at all?  Sure, I know that sin and the problems with faith can get in the way, but those are things to battle and fight against, not give into or use as excuses.

To be clear, I am not writing this from a pedestal claiming to have it all right while looking down at everyone else.  Though I do observe others, I am also very introspective, and much of this is a look into what I’ve been taught and how I’ve lived out Christianity for a long time.  I am discontent with how Christianity looks in myself, and what I see in the church, and the only thing I can do at this point is keep thinking about it, reading about it, writing about it, and having conversations about it.

If you have any thoughts on this, please comment below.  This is a very interesting topic to me, and I would love to hear some feedback and other perspectives and observations.


3 thoughts on “The Great Chasm Between This Life And Heaven

  1. I think whats more dangerous is the idea that there is some sort of divide in our minds between the everyday stuff we do and time spent with God. There seems to be this idea that for our time to spent honoring God it must be filled with “christian activity”. So the solution is more time spent in prayer or reading the bible and less outside stuff. So for the person who loves golf to much it means playing golf less, enjoying it less so that you can spend more time doing ‘christian things’.

    By all means we all ABSOLUTELY need to spend more time in prayer and in the bible studying and meditating on Gods word but I think we need to view more of life through the lens of the gospel. For example it rained this morning…It would be very easy for me to see it of very little significance, but as a christian it has incredible significance. Why? Well the land is dry and in need of rain so that the grass can grow and remain healthy. Its appearance and health is dramatically affected by the lack of/presence of rain. The flowers, grass, trees and other plants NEED rain to survive. As a christian I can see this as a direct representation of my need. Jesus says in john that if anyone thirsts they should come to him and drink. That from belief in him out of their heart will flow living water. There is a direct link here. Just like the land needs water, I need the streams of water that Jesus provides.. I can only have that through faith in him. I now see that through the rain God is providing a picture of what God has provided to me in Jesus.. This morning I was led to worship God through this. God has provided not only for all my physical needs through meals and water he has provided for my deepest need in Christ, the living water and the bread of life.

    What I am saying is not that we don’t need more prayer or study(we absolutely do) but that we need to see all of life as Gods and let him being to reshape our view on the everyday ordinary things. This can narrow the gap more than christian activity because then in all of life, everything we do we can begin to see how God through his son Jesus can reshape us as distinct people who understand how God effects everything! Obviously sometimes that will mean giving up certain things that have turned into idols, but hopefully it will help redeem the things we are passionate about to see them as gifts from God that lead us to worship him as opposed to the good gift he gave us( rom 1).


    • Tyler – I’m not sure that the idea of divide in our minds that you talked about is more dangerous than living a life deceived into thinking God is the most important thing to you but not living that out, but I definitely agree that it can be a problem. I think that the understanding of how to see God in all things, even daily menial tasks like doing the dishes, comes with maturity and a continued effort to rightly understand God and effort to make God the most important thing in our lives.

      I’m definitely not suggesting that we need to spend all day, every day in the Bible and and in prayer. That would mean that I completely neglect my wife and children, and all the other many responsibilities that I have. God created the concept of labor, the family, community. He knows that the majority of my day is working, spending time with my children and wife, helping with the household, etc. So by understanding that, it is clear that God would not expect me to study the Bible all hours of the day. So, this validates your point and I agree completely.

  2. I suppose that our perception of heaven is also a factor in this discussion. Just how much of a gap is there between activity here and there? That’s a good question in my mind. What ya think?

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