The Lack Of God In Everyday Conversations

I have been paying extra attention lately to conversations I have been in or around, especially because I have been a part of numerous friend/family/church gatherings lately.  What I have noticed is that God or spirituality is typically never a topic of discussion, beyond a prayer for a meal of course.  Why is this the case?  If we say that God is so central to our lives, and that he is who we want to spend eternity with, why are we not talking about him more often?

You’ve heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.”  I think the same is true with our minds.  We think about and talk about the things we are feeding our brain.  I am convinced that the lack of talk about God is a direct reflection on our lack of individually thinking about God, reading the Bible, praying, reading God-centered books, etc.  There are plenty of good things that we do, and must do, throughout our days such as taking care of children and cooking.  But, there are loads of other things we do to fill our time and entertain us that can so easily draw us away from God and keep him out of our minds.

I’m not suggesting that all we should ever talk about is God.  But I think if he was as important to us as we think he should be, there would be more discussion had about him.

If you asked someone what the most interesting, fascinating, and most important thing to them was, and they answered with “football”, you can guarantee they will talk about it all the time (and there are probably people out there that do think football is the most important thing ever).  But if your answer to the question above is “God”, yet you rarely talk about him, you may be fooling yourself.  You probably think God should be the most important thing, but ultimately you esteem other things higher than him.

I am in the camp of thinking God should be the most important, but I fully acknowledge that I do not live that way.  I choose many things over God regularly.  I don’t like that reality, but it’s true.  And, I could definitely benefit from others around me talking more about God and encouraging me to keep central what is most important.


6 thoughts on “The Lack Of God In Everyday Conversations

  1. I thought that was what bible study classes etc were for. Failing that what about the Alpha course? I have regularly attended a Methodist church for over 30 years and the one thing I have learned is how very little the people who attend church actually know about their religion, and how very little they want to know.

    • Keebostick – What do you mean when you say “I thought that was what bible study classes etc were for”? I’m not talking about what or how much people know, I’m just stating that I am noticing that people seem to rarely ever talk about anything having to do with God, which I find really interesting especially when the people involved are claiming to be Christians.

      • Sorry Josh, guess I missed your point which you have now clarified- I think. Can only suggest that maybe these people don’t see the relevance of God in their everyday lives. What sort of things do you think they should be talking about?

  2. Hi Josh, great post. How does anyone know I’m a Christian if nothing I say proclaims my God and my Savior. We are just as much to be Christ-like as we are to speak highly of the source.

    Thank you, may the encouragement of your thoughts be a blessing to all who read. Have a good weekend.

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