Some Helpful Quotes About Doubt

“Doubt is natural within faith.  It comes because of our human weakness and frailty… Unbelief is the decision to live your life as if there is no God.  It is a deliberate decision to reject Jesus Christ and all that he stands for. But doubt is something quite different. Doubt arises within the context the faith. It is a wistful longing to be sure of the things in which we trust. But it is not and need not be a problem.” – Alistair McGrath

“Doubt sometimes needs to be seen as the bridge that makes up the distance between your current level of faith and perfect faith. In this sense, doubt is a part of the Christian life until the resurrection.” – C. Michael Patton

“A faith without some doubts is like a human body without any antibodies in it. People who blithely go through life too busy or indifferent to ask hard questions about why they believe as they do will find themselves defenseless against either the experience of tragedy or the probing questions of a smart skeptic. A person’s faith can collapse almost overnight if she has failed over the years to listen patiently to her own doubts, which should only be discarded after long reflection.” – Tim Keller

“Any Christian who is intellectually engaged and reflecting about his faith will inevitably face the problem of doubt.” – William Lane Craig

“When the New Testament talks about doubt, whether you’re talking about the gospels or the epistles, it primarily focuses on believers. That’s very important. It’s as if you have to believe something before you can doubt it; you have to be committed to it before you begin to question it. So doubt is held up as the unique problem of the believer.” – John MacArthur

“Christians tend to be propagandists.  We want to convince others, put on a good face, inspire.  And we also tend to ignore the Old Testament, which is where many of the questions (and questioners) are.  The Old Testament proves that Godhonors questioners. I deal with issues that people may think about but don’t vocalize.  The church has sometimes chastised people who admit their weakness and failure, and our society has an aversion to suffering.  So Christians naturally tend to hide behind a thin veneer of cheerfulness and health, while they secretly hurt and doubt.” – Philip Yancey

“How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever?  How long will You hide Your face from me?  How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart all the day?  How long will my enemy be exalted over me?” – Psalm 13:1-2

“If ours is an examined faith, we should be unafraid to doubt… There is no believing without some doubting, and believing is all the stronger for understanding and resolving doubt.” – Os Guinness



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