Receiving Gifts Well

There are times when receiving a gift can be difficult.  There are a wide variety of reasons for which someone may try to decline a gift, or accept it reluctantly.  While the gift refuser may have good and pure intensions, the attempts at declining the receiving of a gift can often do more damage than good.  I have found that there are very few valid reasons to refuse a gift.

In most cases, the gift-giver truly desires to give the gift.  They are excited to give it, anticipating the joy of seeing someone receive it.  They want to give it and have it be received.  They are clearly not wanting the gift to be refused, otherwise they would not give the gift in the first place.  The giver’s mind is made up, and it is their choice to give the gift.

Sometimes people will try to refuse it, saying things like, “oh you didn’t have to”, “you shouldn’t have”, “I can’t take this”, “no, please keep this”, or other reasons similar to these.  The giver then, instead of experiencing the joy of giving, must insist they receive it, and sometimes has to give reason as to why they should take it.  This can often diminish the joyful experience of the giver (and the receiver!).  Someone shouldn’t have to work hard to convince someone to accept a gift.

The best thing the receiver can do is to thankfully accept the gift with joy.  This provides the most joy to the giver!  It also provides the most joy for the receiver.

I recognize that isn’t the case with everything.  There are times when the giver is not giving because they truly want to give.  And there are times when the receiver has very valid reason to decline the gift.  There can definitely be a lot more to giving and receiving, but I think this concept holds true in most situations.  I encourage you to think about this both when giving and receiving gifts.


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