The Prayer Life of J. Hudson Taylor

Having now read nearly half of “A Man In Christ“, the story of J. Hudson Taylor, I have so far been greatly challenged in the matter of prayer.  I am not a very prayerful man, which is contrary to the way I want to be.  It is a habit and mindset that I want to develop in myself, but I’m finding it’s no easy task.

Hudson relied on God and on prayer constantly.  He even forced himself into difficult situations to better train himself to rely on God.  There were many interesting things Hudson chose to do, some which seem to me a bit unnecessary, but either way, it still worked out for him through prayer.

Early in his life, before going to China, Hudson began work for an employer who said to him, “remind me whenever your salary is due.”  Instead of doing so, Hudson “made up his mind never to speak to his employer about his pay, but ask God to do the reminding.”  A little while later, Hudson had the opportunity to go to London for medical school.  He had offers both from his father, and from the CES (Chinese Evangelization Society – The organization Hudson would soon be supported by to go to China) to pay his costs.  He declined both in an effort to need to rely on God to provide all that he needed.

These examples are interesting, and perhaps arguable by some.  If I had two offers to have my school costs paid for, that to me would seem like God providing for me.  The book doesn’t say if Hudson viewed the offers this way or not, but he chose to decline the offers.  I really wrestle with this concept and I wonder if that was truly wise.  Ultimately, God did provide for him in other ways.

Hudson continues to exemplify an extremely active prayer life, and a confidence which I lack that God will truly provide.  This book has certainly been motivating to me when it comes to prayer.  I am excited to continue reading further.  This has been a great book in many ways so far.


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