Isn’t It A Bit Soon To Be Talking About Missions?

Being that the last 5 years of my life were spent mostly as an agnostic, and only recently have I come back to Christianity, there are some that have asked the question (including myself), “isn’t it a bit soon to be thinking about missions already?”.

The most important part of the answer is this:  A huge part of the Christian faith is the “great commission” which states to “go out and make disciples in all the nations…”  If I am going to believe in Jesus and the Bible, I need to believe this too and be mindful of that call.  It’s a core part of the faith, and shouldn’t be disregarded until I have a certain number of years experience.  If Christians felt they should only go out on missions when they feel completely and fully equipped and ready, we’d probably have far fewer missionaries out there.

Even though we are talking about it now, overseas missions is still a long way out.  We have a plan in place for the next 2 years with our church to continue to grow in the faith, learn about church planting, learn more about missions and Bible translation, and confirm (or not) with our church if everyone agrees that it is a good thing that we are sent out.  After that, I will most likely need to do 2-3 years of schooling to get a Master’s degree in linguistics and translation.  So, it seems like the earliest we would be going out would be in about 5 years.

This was a good question to think about, and I hope that helps if you had questioned that about us.


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