March 2013 Update

After talking with my wife today, we realized how full of ups and downs March was for us.  We dealt some big illnesses too that swept through and hit everyone except me.  I’ve been blogging less frequently too due to being busy with all sorts of other things.  So I figured it best to do another general update post.

I am surprised at how rewarding, yet difficult, it is to have faith in God, and to try to become more like Jesus.  It is not at all as if some drastic change happens and everything is easy.  I still heavily battle with doubt, and ways about me that I do not like (selfishness, pride, etc.).  It is still hard sometimes to choose to do something meaningful and worthwhile over something relaxing like watching a TV show, watching youtube videos, playing a game on my phone, etc.  I’m not saying those things are bad, but if I am to know and serve God in this short life, I want to try to take advantage of every moment I have to be making forward progress.

I’ve had so much on my mind lately too that I’ve been having occasional nights where my mind can’t seem to turn off, and I don’t get very good sleep.  It’s probably happened 3-4 times this month.  I’ve just been thinking so much more about God, Truth, my family, the future, etc.

I have been realizing lately how little I take time to pray and think, and how much of the focus is on doing (or not doing).  I need to be doing that more.

If you saw my post earlier in the month about fatherhood, you can see that this is an area that I’m finding very challenging.  It’s hard on me, hard on my son, and hard for my wife to see it too.  One thing that I have been trying to do lately is to take a moment right after work and pray about it.  I ask God to help me love my children, be patient with them, to help me teach and instruct them well, and to have a good family focus for the evening.  It has been helpful.

My wife and I decided to go through a book called “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller with a number of people from our church.  We will be discussing the first chapter tonight.  I’m hoping that this proves to be beneficial in some way for us, and helps to clarify some areas that we can be working on together.

I started learning Greek at the beginning of this month.  It has been going fairly well so far.  I’m currently working through chapter 8 in “Basics of Biblical Greek”, working on nouns, prepositions, and adjectives in the next chapter.  It is fortunately feeling like far less of a chore than I thought, and more interesting and rewarding.  Fortunately, my friend Kory is very willing to look over my work and help me out whenever I have a question.  I’m very thankful for that!

As I had mentioned in a previous update, one thing that has sprung up is the thought of doing Bible translation somewhere in the world.  As we kept thinking and praying about this, we decided it would be a good idea to talk to our church about it and see if they would be willing to join with us and help us explore the possibility.  Help us create a plan over the next couple years that would serve to equip us, help us grow, and confirm wether or not doing missions is what we are called to do now.  I was very much overwhelmed by their support and excitement about the idea.  Last week I met with my pastor and an elder and we sat down and came up with a rough 2 year plan that we will continue to polish and fill in.

I have been in contact with a recruiter from Wycliffe to try and help us understand what sort of path we need to be on to help prepare us for that.  I have also been trying to contact other missionaries and people involved with Wycliffe to learn more information.  So far that is proving to be very helpful.  If the Lord wills that we do Bible translation, we have a long road ahead of us.  It won’t be easy, but I know we will be provided for, and that everything will come together when it needs to.  So we are excited to see where this leads.


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