Time To Learn Greek – Need Some Recommendations

As I alluded to in a previous post, I am going to start pursuing Bible translation.  One of the requirements is that I learn Greek fairly well.  I tried learning it a time or two in the past (though they were brief and feeble attempts before to learn on my own), and I didn’t get very far.  But this time I need to stick with it.

I just got a new copy of Mounce’s “Basics of Biblical Greek“.  I got through chapter 3 already, and I remember the alphabet and pronunciation far better than I expected.

I’d love some recommendations for the following things if any of you might be able to make suggestions:

Flashcard iPhone App:  I would like to get a good flashcard app for my iPhone.  Does anyone have any good recommendations?  I know there is an app for $19.99 that is called “Basics of Biblical Greek”, but in the reviews people are saying that it’s a bit lacking for a $20 app.  Is it worth the money?  There are others that are much cheaper, but I just don’t know what will be most helpful.

Greek Bible:  I’d like a nice Greek Bible, and I know there are not only different translations out there, but also many different versions, styles, things they include, etc.

Any Good Online Tools/Resources:  I know that on Mounce’s website, teknia.com, there are some good resources.  Is there anything else that is good and useful out there?

Other Good Resources:  There are a lot of books, lexicons, dictionaries, etc. out there that could be helpful in learning and studying Greek.  But, I have no idea what is actually worth getting.  Any suggestions?


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