Finished Reading Through The Gospels – Acts Next

Last December, I set out to read through all four Gospels.  It took me a little while, but I just finished this morning.  It was definitely worth it.  I enjoyed getting reacquainted with Jesus, and it was helpful to read all of the Gospels in succession to help solidify the story, and see it from different perspectives.

Next, I plan to read through Acts.  A bunch of guys at my church recently studied Acts, and I’ve been taking a church history class, so I think it’s fitting.  After Acts, I think I will plan to work through the Gospel of Mark in-depth.  I have a nice commentary that was highly suggested that I want to work through.

As I read through Acts, is there anything specific that you would suggest I pay attention to?  What should I know that could affect the lens at which I read and understand the book of Acts?


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