I Made A Hollow Book Pipe Box

For a long time now, I have wanted to make a hollow book.  Recently while camping with a friend, we both brought our pipes to enjoy around the campfire.  He had a couple cool cigar boxes that he kept his pipe supplies in, and I thought it was pretty cool, especially compared to my trusty ziplock bag that I had been using for quite some time:

Ziplock Pipe Bag

The desire to want to upgrade my pipe supply container situation, in addition to wanting to make a hollow book, gave me the motivation to finally tackle the task.  So we went to Goodwill, and I was able to find a cool dictionary of sorts in perhaps Russian and Arabic (I really don’t know..).  It was old and it looked great, so it was an easy choice:

Old Book Front

We researched how to do it, read a few articles, watched a few youtube videos, and went out and bought the supplies we needed.  First step was the gluing of the outside of the book so all the pages stayed together and would create a rigid structure.  After gluing, you really couldn’t tell that the pages were all stuck together:

Old Book Sides

Then began the cutting of the pages out of the middle.  It took a while, and I had to be careful because I wanted the inside edges to be as nice as possible.  Some of the insides I had seen on youtube actually ended up looking pretty crappy, so I wanted to try and avoid that.  I used a big box cutter:

Book Cutting Part 1

Box Cutting Part 2

Then I had to glue the inside wall.  I also added a page that I had cut out of the book to the bottom for some extra style.  After that, it was complete.  I now have an awesome and very unique hollow book pipe box.  It was well worth the effort:

Hollow Book Open

Hollow Book Open 2

Hollow Book Pipe Box

Hollow Book Pipe Box Closing


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