Cats Are Able To Send Positive Thoughts!

I was checking out Facebook today, and someone had shared some other person’s update that said that they were taking someone to hospice care.  Someone else commented on the update and said the following:

“Best of positive thoughts coming the way of you and your family from me and my cats.”

Really?  Is that true!?  No.  My blog post title is obviously being sarcastic.  Let’s break this down a bit:  “Best of positive thoughts coming the way of you and your family” – Does this really help? Does it help to hear that someone says they are thinking positively and supposedly those thoughts are accurately aimed and being sent mysteriously to everyone in the family (which is obviously not even possible)?  It sounds like not only is she thinking positive thoughts, but she only chooses the “best” ones to send!  Come on…

Then the second part, “… from me and my cats”.  I’m willing to bet my life on the fact that this lady’s cats have no clue what is going on, and are not trying or able to think and send positive thoughts towards other people somewhere.

Perhaps I’m just having a bad day or something, but I was shocked to read this comment.  I can’t believe that someone felt like this would help at all.  It seems to me that these are utterly meaningless words.  Oh great, there are some cats and a lady who are thinking positively (whatever that means..), choosing the best of those thoughts, and impossibly sending them somehow to me and my family.  I feel so helped…

What do you think about this kind of talk?  I’m sure some of you will think I’m overreacting, and the lady is just trying to be nice.  But where do we draw the line between good help, and help that sucks and is not helpful?  We live in a society where you can just go buy a card that says something that you didn’t say or think of yourself, sign your name it it and give it to someone else, and somehow it’s taken as though you said it and thought of it yourself.  I think that’s messed up.


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