Have You Been Training?

Piggybacking off of my last post, I resinated with C.S. Lewis suggesting the importance of not being a slacker.  In reading Luke 6 this evening, Jesus says in verse 40:

“A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher.”

Something I often hear Christians say is that they want to be more like Jesus.  How do you do that?  It clearly is more than just saying that you want to, or thinking you want to.  It’s great if you want to, but how do you know exactly what that means?

Jesus suggests here that it takes training to be like your teacher.  We then must train if we want to be like Jesus.  What does training look like?  I have my own ideas of things you can do to train for this, but I am not going to write about that now.  Rather, I will suggest that you consider what it means to train.  How much training is easy?  How much training leads to mastery in any short period of time?  Training consists of much work, much time, and a long process of gradually getting better.  It requires commitment and dedication.


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