Care Of Animals Over The Care Of Humans

I saw a commercial on television last night for, which is an organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of cats and dogs.  They made it very “emotional” with slow moving zooming in on pictures of cats and dogs, and talked about how there are so many out there that are dying and are malnourished.  You can give monthly to their organization to help save and improve the lives of cats and dogs.

I wanted so badly to see that it was a joke, and that the commercial was for the care of human life instead.  Unfortunately, it was for real.  There are millions of dying and malnourished human beings in this world that need help, and we have tons of people that care far more about the lives of cats and dogs.  How can this be!?

It’s an extremely sad reality that the care and support for human life is further down the priority list than the care and support for animal life.  People would rather save a cat than a child.  This is sick.

Organizations like this should not exist, in my opinion, until the health and wellbeing of all human life is at a good and healthy level.  Animals are not equally or more important than humans.

You know it is interesting too, with those who have pets.  They often “love” their pets so much, and probably often treat them better than they treat their spouse or their children, and definitely treat them better than the busy fast food worker who accidentally forgot to put a couple ketchup packets in their bag.  Not only do some people value the lives of pets more highly than human life, many also treat pets with more love and respect than they treat other human beings.

I know many wouldn’t agree with me, but I even wonder if having pets is even a good idea (obviously outside of therapeutic and seeing eye dogs, etc.).  Is it a good use of our resources?  Having a dog costs money.  You need to buy food, take time to walk them, pick up their crap, sometimes deal with people who are allergic to them not being able to come to your home, pay for immunizations and sometimes medical bills if they get sick or hurt, if you go on vacation and can’t take the pet you have to pay to have it brought to a kennel or have someone else watch it, you get emotionally attached and when it dies you spend time crying and missing an animal, etc.  Is it really worth all the money, inconvenience at times, and emotional attachment?  Imagine if everyone who claimed to be a Christian and has pets, gave them all up and used the money they would have spent on all the expenses, and pooled it together to help struggling human life in the world.  We are talking millions of dollars every year.  Just something to think about.


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