I Disagree With Branded Bibles With Extras

Something I don’t understand the point of, and I might even go so far as to say I disagree with, is when people take the Bible, add stuff to it, smack the author’s names right on the front cover, and sell it to make money.

This product for instance: http://www.amazon.com/The-Gaither-Homecoming-Bible-NKJV/dp/1418549924/

It is a NKJ version of the Bible, with the addition of “inspirational and insightful Scripture devotions by the Gaithers and other favorite Homecoming artists; articles on beloved hymns, gospel songs, and Gaither classics and the inspiration behind them; original poetry by Gloria Gaither to enlighten and inspire; and quotes by greats of the faith, reflecting on the importance of music in the life of believers”.

What if I took a popular book such as The Lord of the Rings. I add in some personal insight and commentary, some of my poetry about the elves, quotes from some of my friends, and then gave it a new cover and called it “Pratt Homecoming The Lord of the Rings” and put my name nice and big right on the front cover. Would that be acceptable? No. Why should this?

What is the point of this Bible? One could certainly say that it’s to provide a Bible with other helpful information in it. Or, is it to help the Gaither family and the publisher to make more money? The latter certainly will happen. Should the Bible be used this way?

Why not just have the Gaithers just write a book that includes all the information they added in this Bible? Why put a bunch of other distracting information and things in a Bible to pull you away from actually reading the Bible?

Look at the cover. What stands out the most as far as text? “Gaither” in huge letters right at the top. There is also “Bill & Gloria Gaither” on the cover as well. The Gaither name is on there twice. The word “Bible”, the most important aspect of this book, is not the centerpiece. Why put more focus elsewhere? To me, this just shows it’s messed up priorities and importance.

What are your thoughts on things like this?


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