Did Jesus Purposefully Avoid Forgiving People?

In Mark 4, Jesus tells the parable of the sower and his seeds.  Afterwards, the disciples asked Jesus about the parables, and he said that they have “been given the secret of the kingdom of God”.  He then says that for everyone else, everything is in parables.  Jesus then quotes and summarizes Isaiah 6:9-10.  The most troubling part of this, to me, is that Jesus says everything is in parables “lest they should turn and be forgiven”.

I’m either massively misunderstanding this, or this is incredibly against what Jesus is currently doing, namely, healing and forgiving sins.  Why would Jesus be telling parables so that people do not turn and are not forgiven?


2 thoughts on “Did Jesus Purposefully Avoid Forgiving People?

  1. One of those perplexing passages that seems to point to Calvinism. What does that mean to the goodness of God?

    For my personal theodicy, we can’t actually sin unless we knowingly do wrong: the knowledge of good and evil. So if those people can see what they should do but not perceive it completely or hear but not understand they wouldn’t have sin to be forgiven. But when they know they have Sin they will turn and be forgiven it. It’s getting people to see their Sin that brings them to forgiveness. Not us showing them but the Holy Spirit.

    Just an idea. Good luck fleshing it out.

    • Pratt, I think you are understanding this verse correctly. I don’t think there is anyway around this meaning. My only thought comes back to the purpose of the parables. It seems they have a two-fold purpose. They are meant to conceal and to reveal. To judge and to save. I think his statement is pointing to the other side of the parable’s intention. What do you think?

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