Christians & Bible Reading

I have had many conversations with people in the last couple months about questions I have been coming up with through the Bible reading I have been doing lately.  I have heard this comment at least a few times:  “You read the Bible a lot more than I do”.  And this is coming from professing Christians.

So I have been thinking about this lately.  I know that a legalistic viewpoint on how much a Christian *should* read the bible is not healthy and can lead to unneeded guilt if you are not meeting the expectation.  But I would think that the Christian would *want* to read the Bible, being that they believe it is the “word of God” and “inspired” and basically the handbook to the Christian faith.

If you are a Christian, what is your view on Bible reading?  Do you think Christians, in general, read enough?  If not, why do they not read more?  Can someone be a “strong believer” in the faith and not really ever read the Bible?


One thought on “Christians & Bible Reading

  1. I have always struggled with reading the Bible as much as I felt like I should. I suspect that my problems are similar to those that many people have. I had trouble selecting a passage that would have meaning for me. Even when I used a devotional I often had difficulty finding one that provided meaning for me day in and day out. A few years ago I realized that when I read a passage and attempted to explain its meaning to others, I got more meaning out of it. I decided to start doing a blog of my daily devotional, but I could not decide how I would select passages to read. Finally earlier this year, I decided I would use a read through the Bible in a year plan to base it on. I was initially reluctant to go this route because I was afraid that certain passages would be difficult to find something to blog about. I have been surprised to discover that these have been fewer than I expected.
    All of that being said, I would say that any Christian who is not daily reading the Bible is shortchanging themselves. On the other hand, anyone who thinks that reading the Bible as a duty is going to benefit them is also mistaken. A Christian needs to find a way to take joy in reading the Bible.

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