Why Have I Never Seen Demon Possession?

In reading through the gospels, so far I have noticed quite a bit of demon possession.  There is quite a bit that is relatable in the gospels, but this is definitely one of those I cannot relate with whatsoever.  It seemed common back then.  Why is it now unheard of (at least in America – because I know many people will say that is happens in other countries somehow).

Does it really not exist here, or have we decided to call it things like “schizophrenia”, and “dissociative identity disorder”, and other titles like that?  If you say it does exist here, then why have I never seen or heard about it?  If it does not exist here, why not?


3 thoughts on “Why Have I Never Seen Demon Possession?

  1. I believe demon possession exists in different measures, levels, and are everywhere we are, even in some small measure we can be possessed for example being prideful is a demon spirit of pride which attacks us. We should learn more about the spirit realm to understand this, its difficult for the human mind to comprehend if we don’t know or believe there is a spirit realm. As much as demons are real, so are angels. Angel(s) are assigned to us to protect us from those evil spirits, but we must live according to Jesus to get the full affect of protection, otherwise, if we aren’t, we are open to satan’s attacks. The more we indulge in evil, or the less we know Jesus believing in Him, we can be possessed full throttle. It depends how vulnerable we allow ourselves be.

    • napuakaa, Thanks for your comment. I am curious though where you get the Biblical evidence that there are angels assigned to us, and that there are demons of certain things like pride, as you mentioned. Can a person not be sinful (pride) without having a demon?

      • Well, there is righteous pride right? When a parent is proud of their child’s accomplishments and so forth. So, yes, you can be proud without it being sinful. The pride that I speak of is one that leads mankind to a place of misery. When I learn more about the Devil from scripture, I begin to know that he is the founder of wicked pride. I know this from reading Isaiah 14.12-15 when God could see the heart of Lucifer and his intentions were to dethrone him. I know God disagrees with this kind of pride for obvious reasons, therefore I know it is a sin against God and all that He stands for. Lucifer to think he could take his father’s place is undoubtedly a prideful stance that only led him to hell, therefore he became a miserable wretch. As for demons or evil spirits, only through latter-day revelation from my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) can I understand more fully that Lucifer did not get thrust to hell alone (D&C 29.37). Therefore, it’s understandable where all these evil spirits come from and who they serve being followers of Lucifer. Imagine been cast to hell, being denied the experience of a mortal body and earth life. That leads to the devils purposes one being to possess the bodies of mortal beings. We know Christ and hIS apostles cast out evil spriits throughout their ministry (Matt 9.32; 12.22, Mark 1.24;5.7, Luke 8.30; Acts 19.15). However, things like pride, contention, hate, and others are subtle and dont’ come off as full fledged demon possessed beings. Well, the GEnsis 3.1 says the serpent was more subtil. Meaning difficult to perceive or understand, cunning, crafty, insidious in operation, skillful, clever, and ingenious. Therefore, the devil is pride and whom he and his servants latch onto, we can know he latches on to anyone who will allow him to work in them in subtile ways. Lets see, angels. Well, there are not as many scriptures on angels than there are about the devil and his evil minions I believe. But, instead of breaking it down like the above. I understand angels a real because the scriptures talk about them. They are spoken of as doing certain works. The chosen prophet of God whose mission was to restore Christ’s church the church I belong to, spoke of it. And many other non-lds people have had personal visions and visitations themselves. Now, whether you want to believe this or not is up to you. But, i would encourage anyone to first learn more the nature of Angels through scripture, than pray for your own personal revelation to know if it’s true that we have angels assigned to us. For me, it’s not hard to believe since I know God is a loving god and He wants to give us the best help we can get to go through this life. So, you decide about that one. Good luck, hope this helps.

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