We Hate Hearing What We Already Know

My wife was telling me something the other day that I already knew.  I remember thinking in my head of a cunning way to respond or cut her off in the middle of her saying it to express that I already knew.  I remember feeling annoyed, and I really didn’t want to hear it.  But, she didn’t necessarily know that I knew, and even if she knew that I knew, maybe she was just wanting to tell me anyway.  She was just trying to have a conversation with her husband.  Then it struck me – why in the world am I getting annoyed or upset about it?  What’s the purpose and root of that?

Kids love to do this.  I’m sure that any of you that have young kids know that they start to go through the “I KNOW!” phase where that is there go-to response for things you tell them.  Especially when you are having a talk with them about something they did that was not good.  For instance, my son is supposed to use the sidewalk when riding his scooter and his bike.  I saw him coming home in the dead center of the road.  I was talking with him about it and told him he should only be using the sidewalk, and he responds with “I know!”.  Well, if you knew, then why were you in the middle of the road!?

I absolutely admit that even as an adult, I have the tendency do this I know I’ve witnessed it in a lot of other people as well.  People seem to get annoyed in some way.  Wether it’s a story, a fact about something, directions somewhere, etc.  If you already know something and someone is telling you about it, chances are you’ll feel what I’m talking about.  So why do we do that?

Could it be that we feel like hearing something again is an insult to our own knowledge?  Do we feel like it’s a major waste of time to hear it again?  Think about it and let me know your thoughts and if you experience this too.


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