Why Did He Not Wear His Wedding Garment?

Matthew 22:1-14 is a parable of a wedding feast.  To sum it up:  The king was having a wedding feast prepared for his son.  He sent out invitations to certain people to come, but when the time came, nobody showed up.  He then had his servants go out and invite anyone interested in coming, all were welcome.  The wedding hall then was filled with guests.  The king came into the wedding hall and saw a man who was not wearing a wedding garment, and so he had him bound and thrown out into the “outer darkness”.

The parable seems to make sense, with the exception of the dude with no wedding garment.  It seems that everyone except him either had or rented/borrowed a wedding garment that they were able to change into between being invited and arriving at the wedding hall.  But, this one guy either wasn’t aware he had to wear one, couldn’t find one to wear so came without it, or blatantly decided to come without one.  We don’t really know because the parable says the king asked him why he wasn’t wearing it and the man was speechless.

I’m failing to understand the purpose of this part of the parable.  What is your understanding of this?


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