Should Voters Need A Photo ID?

I was listening yesterday to Michael Medved, my personal favorite talk show, and the topic was voter IDs.  The guest on the show was 25 year-old manager Angela Peoples, of “Campus Progress”.  Her take on requiring a legit photo ID is that it is a “fake solution to a fake problem“, that it is an attack on the right to vote, that “there are almost no cases of voter impersonation”, and that a person is “more likely to be struck by lightning than he or she is to vote by pretending to be someone else.”

I can’t help but laugh.  I can’t think of a single person that I know that would scoff at the thought of having to show a valid photo id to vote.  Currently, at least in the state of Minnesota, an illegal alien could walk up to the voting booth, have someone vouch for them or supply some mail with their name on it, and they’ll be registered and vote right on the spot.  You can’t tell me that that doesn’t happen.  Acorn has been busted more than once for bringing illegals to the polls to vote.

You have to have a valid photo id to get and carry a gun, to open a bank account, to drive, buy alcohol, get married, get medical care, get on a commercial plane, get a job, get a hotel room, and the list goes on.  So, given the vast amount of fraud out there these days, and the massive list of things you need a photo id for already, is it really unfair to ask for an id to vote?  I think not.  If you are  going to say it is “voter suppression”, is it not suppression for everything else that requires an id?

I really want to know the real issue here.  Please tell me why liberals (mainly) are putting up such a fuss with voter id laws.  Call me naive if you will, but to me it seems rather simple: they are afraid to lose at the polls without all of the illegal voting.

Please, let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear a very well put, thought through reason(s) why requiring a legit photo id to vote is “voter suppression.”



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