The Word of God

The Bible is referred to as “the word of God”.  I was talking about this with a friend of mine today and realized something interesting.  The books/letters that make up the Bible weren’t even fully determined until the 300’s AD, and they were determined by people.  These people had the task of determining what books/letters were good, which ones were bad, and what to do with those in-between.  So, we are left with man-written pieces that were man-selected to make up what we now have as the Bible.  How do we know that the writings that were chosen were truly good and accurate, and how do we know that the people who made the decisions were the right people to do so, and that they chose perfectly?

Obviously you can make the argument that these were God-inspired writings, and God-inspired choices of these pieces that make up all the books of the Bible.  You could also argue that they were not or that we can’t really know that.  Either way, what has been chosen as the 66 books that make up the Bible are referred to as the word of God.  Why is this so?  What makes it God’s word?  Clearly the new testament gospels contain Jesus’ words, and Jesus is God.  So it would make sense to say that the Bible “contains God’s word”, but that’s not what is said.  It is said that the entirety of the Bible IS God’s word.

Why is it not just called something like “letters and writings to help us understand God”?  I am very curious to know why these writings have been determined to be raised to such intensely high standards as to call the the word of God.


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