How Can Christians Connect With Non-Christians?

Something that I have noticed big time since my departure (or whatever we should call it) from Christianity, is how prevelant specific phrases, lingo, etc. is in the way Christians talk.  I’ve also noticed that it often seems like the answer to everything is to just read the Bible and Pray.

My last post entitled “Just Read The Bible And Pray” spoke of this, and interestingly enough, the one guy who responded, even though he used a lot of words to do it, ultimately just said to read the Bible and pray.  The interesting thing though is that he didn’t really seem to try and connect with me or seem to understand where I might be at.

To me, using phrases like “experience living water flowing” and “we can touch him with our spirit” with a non-Christian is a little odd.  This way of speaking is not normal.  Quite frankly, it’s kind of a turn off.  If I’m going to be a Christian, I want Christianity to be real.  Yes, I’m aware that the Bible uses language like that, but in modern day speech and conversation, it is not normal.

Maybe I’m just being critical or hard of heart, but I’m turned off by this kind of stuff.  I am opening up, being honest where I’m at.  I clearly lay out the fact that saying “just read the bible and pray” isn’t helpful.  As a response, I get someone who doesn’t really acknowledge where I’m at or seem to connect with that, and just preaches to me exactly what I said I didn’t find helpful.

So, this brings up the question of my post, how can Christians connect with non-Christians?  I certainly don’t think it’s preaching without connecting, nor do I think it’s to flood someone with Bible verses and ultimately just tell them to read the Bible and pray.

So tell me, is it just me?  Or is there a better way to communicate and connect with non-Christians?

Note: I don’t mean any disrespect to the gentleman who commented on my last post.  I’m glad he commented.  I am using him as a good example of what I often experience from plenty of other people. It is a means for me to be honest to how that kind of response makes me feel, and to hopefully spawn some more conversation on the topic.


One thought on “How Can Christians Connect With Non-Christians?

  1. Josh,

    Thanks for the email about your post. Sorry it has taken so long to jump on here and express my thoughts on the matter. I do not expect a person who does not claim Christ to act like his disciple and therefore I do not encourage him to do so. In the context of a relationship where we spend time together and allow our live to overlap as much as possible I would seek to share the gospel with him in many different ways, from many different angles, and at many different times when appropriate. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified on a cross and raised from the dead that rescues people not bible reading or prayer.

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