Modern Art = Talentless Crap

I know, the title is a bit harsh and it is to a degree a generalization that is not fair to some talented artists.  But, for the most part, it’s my opinion of the “modern art” I have seen.

The first thing I saw in the modern art section, the last time I was walking through the Minneapolis Institute of Art, was a red painted board leaning against the wall.  As I continued through, I also saw canvases that have one or two colors on them, or maybe a big single-colored circle.  Other stuff was just plain weird or disturbing even.

I guess that leaves me to ask the question, “what does ‘art’ even mean?”  The dictionary says this:

the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance

According to my understanding of the definition of art, it would seem that much of modern art doesn’t fit the meaning.  So, when/where do we draw the line as to what art is, and what it isn’t.  I guess you could say that everyone has their own understanding of what is beautiful or appealing.  Therefore, modern art can be art to some, and complete rubbish to others.

So, it seems that we can come to the conclusion that it’s all a matter of opinion, right?  Well, then my opinion is that most of the modern art that I have seen is talentless crap.  I feel like I could easily make most of what I’ve seen, and I’ve never been an artist.  I could easily paint a board red and lean it against a wall.  I could easily paint a black circle on a canvas.  I could even think of some odd meaning and significance to it.

I know that the modern artist would probably be mad at me for this opinion, and say something to the effect of, “well, you just don’t understand it.”  But, you could say that about anything!  I could say, “Frfudwundundunn” and talk about how awesome and creative of a word that is and call it “modern word improv”.  You’ll question me and tell me it makes no sense, and I’ll just say in return, “well, you just don’t understand it.”

Is art just completely open to anything at all?  Or can a line be drawn somewhere?  Clearly I don’t understand it…  If you do, please help me understand and post a comment.


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