Why Are Bad Marriages and Infidelity So Prominent in Commercials?

I’m not a big television watcher.  Just a couple shows a week tops.  But, in the relatively short time that I watch television, I’m shocked at how frequent the theme of commercials centers around bad marriage relationships and hinting at infidelity.

Personally, I don’t find it funny at all.  I’ve been married to my wife for almost 8 years now, and it’s a commitment I take very seriously.  It’s a fundamentally important aspect of my life.  Why would I find it humorous to watch a commercial about a crappy marriage?

AT&T has a new commercial out where the husband excitedly comes and tells his wife that he just signed the family up for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes.  The wife clearly assumes this will cost a fortune which leads you to believe she probably doesn’t trust him, and her attitude alludes to her not even really liking him.  She verbally treats him like garbage, then says in front of him “… my mother was right.  I should have married John Clark”, who clearly is someone else.  What is funny about that, and how does it make me want to look into AT&T’s plan?  Well, for me it doesn’t.  It’s depressing and discouraging.  I don’t want to see that crap.

In a society where importance of marriages is on the decline and infidelity and divorce are ever on the rise, is it really a good idea to keep engraining this stuff into the millions of television viewers out there?  I certainly don’t think so.


4 thoughts on “Why Are Bad Marriages and Infidelity So Prominent in Commercials?

  1. I too absolutely dislike this new AT&T commercial. It makes me feel like a jerk for even having their service, they should definitely remove this ad, it is cold, calous, unnecissarily insensitive, and pointless… Unless AT&T likes making dilligent people feel like crap.
    If they wanted to save face they would make a follow up commercial of this couple… ‘Her life if she wouldve married John Clarke- in bad dream format’, and put her in a trailer park with 6 screaming kids and her husband, John, who is as dumb as a box of rocks and couldnt even pay a cell bill let alone alter a service plan to save money… Then pan over across the filthy trailer to her mother (yes she had to move into their trailer), sitting in her used recliner screaming at her daughter about ‘why didnt she marry the smart guy?!’ then pan out of her ‘bad dream’ in her head, into her reality, where she has the comfortable luxury of primping her posies and watering her tomatoes, she can realize how good her life is instead of reacting like a total b**ch. And THAT is MY idea of how AT&T could undo the harm they’ve done. Thank you for posting about this commercial, it truly needs to not be on TV.

  2. I agree with you about the commercial. I felt so bad for the guy. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see men mistreated on tv in the hopes of getting a cheap laugh.

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