Mac OS X Lion – Can’t Transfer Books To Kindle

I got a new Kindle Wifi with Special Offers less than a week ago.  I also installed Apple Lion yesterday.  I haven’t tried to copy a book/pdf to my Kindle until today, and interestingly, it doesn’t seem to work.  I plug up my Kindle, and open it up on my Mac.  I then open the “documents” folder and I can see all the books I have on my Kindle.  Then I try to drag a pdf file onto my Kindle, and it appears for a split second, then goes away.

So far, I have been unsuccessful at copying anything to the Kindle, and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with Apple Lion.  A friend of mine that has Snow Leopard still installed, and he can drag the files onto his Kindle just fine.

Anyone else having this issue?

Update: Instead of dragging the files into the Kindle, I emailed them to myself, then saved them from my email directly to the Kindle, and it worked fine.  So, there seems to be an issue with dragging/copying files with Apple Lion.  It appears that many others are having similar issues with USB drives.


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