Tie Up Your Dog!

Now that my oldest son is 4, I have really been enjoying going biking with him around the neighborhoods in the area.  In the neighborhood I live in, I’m hesitant to continue biking.  There are at least 3 homes within a mile that have dogs that are typically not in a cage/kennel and not tied up.  And a couple of them are pretty big and quite intimidating and they will bark and come at you.

If you are going to own a pet that has the ability to frighten people or be aggressive, then kennel it or get invisible fencing or a leash.  Nobody wants a big dog running at your son and barking.

I worked for a guy on his farm one summer, and he had two dogs.  I never liked them because they had a creepiness about them.  He kept on reassuring me all the time when he brought them out that they are nice, harmless dogs.  Well, I was using the hose to wash something down one afternoon and out of nowhere, one of the dogs had snuck up and sank his teeth into my calf.  Gee..  Nice dog my butt..

So, you may think your dog won’t harm anyone or that it won’t run out into the road at someone, but you never know.  Did your dog verbally tell you that he/she promised not to scare anyone or run out of the yard?  No.  It’s an animal.  Respect other people and prevent it from even having the opportunity to harm anyone.  I want to bike/run/walk in our neighborhood, but honestly, I’m afraid to go, especially with my wife and kids.


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