The Rewards of Saving

My wife and I have been on a cash budget for a while, but it’s definitely not easy all the time.  When something comes up that you need, or would like to have, it can be difficult to wait to make the purchase.  We live in a culture where if you want it, you want it NOW!

Having 5 month old twins, we knew we wanted to get a good double stroller.  My wife is really active with the kids, so I wanted her to have a stroller that works for her, and works well.  After doing some research, the results were clear that we should get the BOB Revolution SE Duallie.  The problem with that?  It’s over $600 dollars.

So, we decided that there was no way we’d buy it without saving up for it, and paying cash.  And, that’s just what we did.  After our move, we had a garage sale, and sold some things on Craigslist, and we were able to save up enough faster than we expected.

Today we went to the store and made the purchase, paying for it all with the cash we had saved towards it.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience to not have to put a purchase like that on the credit card, and to know that we worked towards it and met our goal.  We didn’t have any reason to feel that weighty feeling of knowing you really don’t have the money for the purchase but you purchased it anyway.  It just felt right.

The interesting thing about this concept is this:  I believe that your appreciation for what you have, and the satisfaction of having met a goal is far greater when you have saved for something, rather than if we had just gone out and bought it when we made the decision that we wanted it.


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