Raising the Debt Ceiling

There is so much I don’t understand about our government and politics, so, take my posts about the government with a grain of salt…

To no surprise at all, the looming debt crisis was being discussed again on talk radio today (on the Jason Lewis Show).  I find it amazing, yet not surprising at all, that we find ourselves in a place where we have reached our credit limit as a nation, and instead of fixing spending issues, we just want to do the opposite and go even further into debt.

It’s much like many of the inhabitants of our nation though isn’t it?  Consumerism at it’s finest.  We all want this and that, and the new version of everything we own, never quite content with what we have.  We feel entitled to it, and budget just doesn’t seem to win over the want for the next best thing.  We feel entitled to a lifestyle that our income doesn’t allow for.

Budget.  How foreign of a concept this is becoming (at least sticking to one).  Why expect us too though.  The people we vote in to represent us can’t keep to a budget, so why should we?  Or, is it the other way around, and they are representing us all too well?

Come on Washington…  Be a good example to your country crush the debt down to zero instead.


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