The Hunger Games Books

I’m not a big reader..  I maybe read a book or two a year.  My wife read through the Hunger Games books, and has told me I’d really like them (for months now).  Being that I don’t read much, I didn’t even entertain the thought of reading them, much.

A co-worker of mine started reading the first book last week, and told me I’d love it.  Having not read anything for quite some time, I decided to give it a go.  Especially because my wife now has a Kindle, and I’ve been interested in seeing what it’s like reading on it.  I told her that I think I’d like to read the book, and without hesitation, she bought for the kindle.

A week after starting, I’m already 35% of the way through the second book (of three).  I plan on keeping up the pace too.  So far, there hasn’t really been a boring moment yet.  I’ve been enthralled the entire time.  I very highly recommend it.  Fantastic story!


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